Juan Gonzalez De Mendoza


Ph.D. in Physics with a concentration in Quantum Information
  • The University of New Mexico
    2021 - Present
Masters in Physics
  • The University of New Mexico
    2021 - 2023
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Physics
  • University of Texas at Austin
    2017 - 2021
  • Austin Community College
    2015 - 2017

Research Experience

QCVV Methods at Sandia's Quantum Performance Lab
Advisors: Corey Ostrove, Robin Blume-Kohout
Summer 2023 - Present

Automated model selection with First-Order Gauge-Invariant Parameters

Sub-Microscopic particle tracking
Advisor: Dr. Florin
Spring 2020 - Summer 2020

This project was affected by the COVID-19 pandemic situation and could not finish it as all research labs were shut down. The goal was to be able to estimate the amount of particles moving between pixels by analyzing intensity fluctuations. This was due to the particles being too small for a DIC microscope to resolve. Check this post to see more of what I managed to do in a month previous to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Bacteria biofilm and evaporation hypothesis
Advisor: Dr. Florin
Spring 2019 - Fall 2019

Dr. Florin proposed that as bacteria cover a surface with biofilm, this would prevent vapor from escaping the surface, due to the benefits of a humid environment for the bacteria. I designed several experiments to test the evaporation rates of gel without bacteria as the control and gel with growing bacteria on the surface to compare their water evaporation rate. Unfortunately, no correlation was found between biofilm covered gel and evaporation rates.

Public Talks

Professional Experience

Quantum Research Associate
Company: Quantum Computing Inc.
Manager: Dave Morris
June 2021 - Jan 2023

Founded "QUBT University", a program designed to provide our quantum software for free to students all over the U.S. facilitating the entry point into the quantum computing field for everyone.

Undergraduate Teaching Assistant
Classes: "Electricity and Magnetism", "Modern Physics Laboratory" & "Physical Science: mechanics" (PHY 302L, PHY 353L & PHY 303)
Professors: Dr. Labun, Dr. Sitz & Dr. Jacobs
2019 - 2020

Assisted students in class and in the lab. Created and delivered lectures. Graded homeworks.

Software Engineer
Company: Cisco
Location: San Jose, CA
Manager: Jeff Klaas
Summer 2019

Improved my department's continous integration by automating device tests every time a developer modified code in the repository corresponding to such device.

Professional Affiliations

Physics and Astronomy Graduate Student Association:Communications Officer. At The University of New Mexico
2022 - Present

Our graduate student association is responsible for providing professional and social outlets for the Masters and PhD students of the department. I served by creating new events such as table tennis tournaments and winning them myself, and by creating and sending all the emails and newsletters for the organization.

Robotics & Automation Society at The University of Texas at Austin 2018

Participated in the annual Robotathon sumo competition, where me and a partner had to build a fully automated robot from scratch. Each robot would fight one adversary at a time, while the goal was to stay inside the circle. Our robot can be depicted in the video below in white and blue.

Texas Transfer Students at The University of Texas at Austin 2017 - 2018

Mentored incoming transfer students to help them with the transition to a bigger university. TTS is a student organization dedicated to cater to the social and academic needs of all transfer students at UT.


Cisco's Supply Chain case competition 1st place

Built a Python GUI tool for managers in Cisco to track their suppliers and alert them of any customizable relevant events that may affect Cisco's supply chain.

Cisco Award Best sensing and Control at RAS robotathon sumo competition

This was awarded to the team that had the most precise and efficient sensing and control.

RAS Robothon Award


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